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  Items move so quickly that we are using Facebook to post notifications.  


  Frequently Questioned Answers:   now in their prominent new location...
   These policies protect our sanity. Further inquiries will be met with uncontrollable sobbing.

   1. No wholesale orders, custom designs, or contract manufacturing. Period.

   2. We sell out of items with alarming regularity. They may not return. Plan accordingly.
   3. We will not guarantee ship dates or offer rush orders. Life has a way of proving us wrong.
   4. We accept PayPal for online payments, and CC#'s by phone. Additional fees may apply.
   5. We will not accept an order that we cannot fill in a timely manner, nor will we hold items.


  Empire Wool and Canvas Company, LLC. Voice Mail  9-5 CST M-F:  218-464-1239

  4337 Tioga Street

  Duluth, MN 55804 We do not offer secure online ordering.