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ICEBIKE Mittens:   Winter cycling's nuttiest hand wear yet...

Mary Shelley has nothing on us. Part winter mitt, part bike glove, a real genetic mess. The ICEBIKE Mittens were born in 1998 for our chilly Duluth commutes. What began as a straight-up tech fest 14 years ago, has devolved to a curious mix of new and old. They have a rabid underground following, despite our best efforts. Every season we swear that we're done with them, yet we keep sewing.  Let's pick them apart: 

The Shape and Size seem odd at first, but they're a natural for those who grip flat bars on a bike. Two fingers of each hand hold on for dear life, two fingers work the brake levers, one thumb on your nose towards OPEC. They're kinda bulky, but that leaves acres of space for extra liner gloves, hot packs, etc.  Skip the refined drop bars. You won't even be able to flip the bird, let alone tinker with your touchy road gear ratios.  For the real whackos who equate shifting and braking with defeat, we make a regular 'no-split' mitten that keeps their digits together. Both styles have a natural curve built right in.

The Palms are made from the annoyingly sustainable Whitetail Deer. Deer skin is as strong as it is supple. It will survive loads of abuse, and still transmit every bit of trail feedback directly to your teeth. No guilt about leather here. We miss our raspberry bushes and Hostas.

The Gauntlets are our own quirky Oilskin. Over the last 14 years we've tried every synthetic WPB under the sun. They're all weather resistant. They all shed slop. And they all breathe like garbage bags. Our Oilskin just doesn't degrade with age. The fabric will keep you dry-ish in the rain, let you brush off sleet and ice in the winter, and develop personality with age. It also gets nice and stiff in cold weather, so you can leave the draw cord cuffs open for air. There's a webbing cinch across the back to tweak the fit.

The Back Panel is 3 mil Neoprene. It's flexible, soft, and great for blocking wind chill. Ours has a short pile backing for wiping snot. (You will. Trust us.) We anchor a nice strip of reflective tape down the tips for inter-vehicular communication. 

The Liners are our own 80/20 wool blend blanket material. Snap them into place in the AM. Pull them out to dry on the radiator at work. Stuff them right back into place at quitting time. When they flatten out from use, wash them right back to fuffy.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL. Colors will vary:  5.5 ounce Oilskin with deer hide palms, and Neoprene uppers.  Liners: 80/20 Wool/Nylon. 


ICEBIKE Mittens  Estimated Retail $165

Limited seasonal availability.   Plan according.



Warranty Note: The draw cords on the cuffs are stitched in place. They will require factory servicing if damaged.



Icebike Mitten with split palm

  Icebike Mitten, Regular style with no split in the palm   
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